Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The now-infamous hostage situation

This situation has been really interesting to follow. Initially, there were reports that Sunnis had taken up to 150 hostages in a town south of Baghdad, as it turns out, this never happened, but the Iraqi Security Force went into the town, which is now becoming a source of contention since it looks like it may have just been fabricated by the Shiites to flex their muscles. The Iraq Blogs have been covering the rise and fall of this "fake crisis."


  1. This story is getting confusing.

    What about this


    and this


  2. Absolutely, Mikhail, thanks for passing those along, I had not seen that yet. Obviously I am in no position whatsoever to verify the accuracy of any reports coming out of anywhere but the Daily Prince offices, and in this case, it looks like even the people in Iraq are having trouble figuring out exactly what's happening.